Filtration & Pre-Treatment

To ensure your RO Plant runs at maximum efficiency, has extended membrane life span and minimal maintenance a carefully designed Pre-Treatment system is essential. This can include but not be limited to chemical dosing, media filtration followed by cartridge filters.

There are many combinations of pre-treatment used to design a system suitable for your water problems.

– Automatic Disc Filters
– Chemical Treatment
– Media Filtration
– Cartridge/Bag Filters
– Ultra Filtration

Please forward your Pre-Treatment enquiry to us for a suitable system recommendation.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical Treatment maybe required to help speed up the oxidization process, to coagulate solids for maximum filtration through the media filters or to prevent scaling in pipework and RO membranes.

Media Filters

Porat Water Solutions can recommend size and supply a wide range of automatice back washing media filter systems to help you with your water problem. Our filter systems are available from the smallest domestic units all the way through to large commercial / industrial units. We can even provide multi-tank units which can provide continuous filter service by staging the back wash process one tank at a time whilst continuing to filter.

We can help you select the right size system and suitable filter media to solve your water treatment problem. We can design your filter unit with simple – no fuss manual control valves or with sophisticated, automatic valves that do everything automatically. A wide range of filter media is available for various applications.

Ultra Filtration (UF)

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a type of membrane separation process similar to Reverse Osmosis (RO) except that with UF suspended solids are retained but most dissolved solids are allowed to pass through the membrane material. Therefore the UF process is not able to remove salinity (dissolved solids or ions) from water whereas RO can.

Porat Water Solutions can supply packaged UF plants utilising the latest hollow fibre technology. Systems are available to handle through puts ranging from around 40,000 L per day up to over a 1,000,000 L per day. Our UF plants provide a real alternative to more conventional systems and occupy a fraction of the space. The performance of UF systems can be amazing to see – you can literally turn muddy dam or river water in to sparkling, crystal clear water!

Please lodge an enquiry with Porat Water Solutions if you are interested in finding out more about how our UF systems can help you clear your ‘muddy’ water.

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