High ‘Hardness’

Waters with high ‘hardness’ contain a high concentration of calcium and or magnesium salts. The water is said to be ‘hard’ because soap and detergents do not lather well in it and consequently fabrics washed in hard water feel stiff and uncomfortable. Conversely ‘soft’ water has low calcium and magnesium concentration and soap and detergent will lather well in it.

In both domestic and industrial applications hard water presents many problems mostly due to the increased likelihood of the deposition of calcium & magnesium scale which is insoluble in normal conditions and left untreated can block pipes and other plumbing fittings. Hard water in boilers and hot water systems coats heat transfer surfaces adversely effecting their heat transfer properties and reducing their efficiency.

Porat Water Solutions can supply a wide range of domestic and commercial ion exchange water softener units which are the most universally accepted and effective treatment for hard water problems

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