High Salinity

Highly saline waters have a high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) content which is a measure of the sum total of all the dissolved solids in the water but does not refer to a specific type of salt. The units of measurement are typically milligrams per Litre (mg/L) which is equivalent to parts per million (PPM). The guideline value of 500 mg/L is based on the aesthetic value for drinking water for human consumption. Most town water supplies in Australian Capital Cities are around 500mg/L or lower. However in some regional centres values considerably higher than this are not uncommon.

The limits for TDS depend on the nature of the stock or crop being produced. Your local department of agriculture office may be able to advise you if your water falls within acceptable limits for TDS for your type of farming activity. Water with high TDS is not an easy problem to solve and cannot be reduced by simple filtration. Generally Reverse Osmosis (RO is considered the most economical and effective treatment for high TDS.

Porat Water Solutions can recommend and supply a range of RO systems to help solve saline water problems. We have a range of equipment suitable for slightly ‘brackish’ water to full sea water desalination units available from 5,000 L per day and up.

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