Iron Bacteria

Iron Bacteria problems are common throughout Australia and the world. These micro-organisms occur naturally in fresh water bodies but only become a problem when they become so concentrated that they produce a thread like voluminous mass which can foul the screens of pumps, irrigation nozzles and drippers etc. These bacteria actually derive energy by oxidising ferrous (soluble) iron into insoluble ferric iron. They require iron to be present to exist but not all bores with iron also have iron bacteria problems. The exact reason why some bores become infected and some do not is still open to debate. There are however methods of bore construction and strategies that can be used to minimise the likelihood of iron bacteria problems developing.

Porat Water supply a range of down bore treatments for the rehabilitation of bores affected by iron bacteria and to maintain bores in good condition. Please call us for advice on how we can help solve your iron bacteria problem before it causes substantial damage to your pumping and irrigation equipment.

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