Iron & Maganese Staining

Iron and to a lesser extent Manganese are common in ground water supplies in Australia. The main problem with these metals is that they oxidise upon exposure to air and form insoluble coloured metal oxides. The result of this can be stained laundry, buildings, fences and paths. Most people would be familiar with the characteristic red brown staining on paths and buildings caused from the over spray of bore water containing iron. Manganese staining is black and usually shows on white porcelain bathroom fittings.

Aside from the problem of staining, drinking water containing even low levels of iron and manganese can be very unpalatable. Treatment systems to remove iron and manganese will attempt to either keep the metals dissolved in solution by sequestering them so they cannot oxidise in to their insoluble metal oxides (and stain) or alternatively to aggressively promote their rapid oxidation and entrap the solid particles in a filter device (removing them entirely).

Porat Water Solutions has extensive experience recommending and supplying special filter systems for the removal of iron and manganese. Our treatment systems are based on the proprietary filter media called DMI65 which has the ability to rapidly oxidise iron and manganese at its surface and entrap the particles throughout the bed of media. The media requires that a small amount of chlorine be dosed upstream of the filter to enhance the catalytic oxidative power of the media. Please call us to help you with your iron and manganese problems.

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