Reverse Osmosis & Desalination

Saline water from ground water sources is becoming an ever increasing problem in Australia. The solution to your saline bore problem may be as simple as installing an RO plant to treat your salty water and make it suitable for irrigation use.

At Porat Water Solutions we can recommend an RO plant to suit your individual requirements and budget. Ranging from surprisingly economical packaged RO plants producing 5,000 L per day and up, to customised systems designed and built to your exact requirements, we can provide a solution for you.

Careful system design to get the most reliable and economical performance from your RO plant is very important. Porat Water Solutions can model the system performance of an RO plant based on your bore water analysis and advise our clients on the necessary pre treatment required to ensure reliable operation. We can provide all the pre and post treatment equipment and ongoing consumables to maintain your RO plant investment in top order.

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The Reverse Osmosis (RO) Process

Reverse OsmosisReverse Osmosis is the ‘reversal’ of the natural separation process of Osmosis whereby the water in a saline solution of a lower concentration passes through a semi- permeable membrane over to a higher concentration saline solution thereby diluting it. The process occurs because in nature the solutions of differing saline concentrations will attempt to restore equilibrium (where the saline solutions are of equivalent concentration). The salt ions in the solution do not pass through the membrane but the water does. The osmosis process occurs in nature and is an important mechanism in the operation of animal and plant cells. It is why tree roots can effectively separate pure water from saline environments and provide fresh water to the tree.

RO membranes have been available commercially for the purification of saline water since the 1970’s and have improved to the extent that they are an extremely efficient, common and economical means of treating saline water to produce fresh water. Today you can see small single membrane domestic RO plants in thousands of homes around Australia to produce purified drinking water and multimillion dollar desalination RO plants in many major cities of the world are becoming increasingly common place to solve fresh water scarcity problems.

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