Ultra Violet Disinfection

Ultraviolet light (UV) is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum just as visible light is. In fact the sun’s rays contain many ultra violet rays along with other types of electromagnetic radiation. The higher energy UV rays of a specific wavelength have been found to have a lethal effect on many potentially harmful micro organisms including bacteria, viruses, amoeba, protozoa, moulds and yeast.

Equipment that contains special mercury vapour lamps are able to produce this germicidal UV wavelength and kill these micro organisms. UV disinfectors have been used for commercial water treatment for decades now and when designed carefully are an extremely efficient, inexpensive and completely safe means of disinfection as there is no chemical additions to the water at all.

Porat Water Solutions can help select and size a suitable UV treatment system to suit your requirements whether it is pre treatment before some other water treatment plant or a standalone system for potable water disinfection, please send us the details of your enquiry so we can help you solve your water quality problem.

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