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“We specialise in water treatment (Commercial, Agricultural and Domestic), bore drilling, water analysis, reverse osmosis/desalination units, Ultra Filtration Systems, filters, water disinfection, drip irrigation.”

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For all your irrigation and water needs …

Climate change threatens long-term water security in many parts of the world – including Australia where drought remains a significant threat.

Producing potable water from seawater by desalination is high on the list of large scale and long-term solutions. PWS is based in Melbourne and provides a one stop shop for all your irrigation and water needs.

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Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis is the ‘reversal’ of the natural separation process of Osmosis whereby the water in a saline  … learn more

Applications & Services

No matter what volume, pressure, lift or quantity needs to be pumped, Porat Water Solution can design and  … read more

Bore Drilling

These days with water restrictions in place people are opting to drill their own bores and be self sufficient  … read more

Common Water Problems

Highly saline waters have a high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) content which is a measure of the sum total  … read more